Hi, I’m Spencer–a first semester Global Engagement Fellow here at OU. I’m a student in Gaylord and I’m working on a dual major in Creative Media Production and Journalism. Ideally, once I’m out of school I’d like to get involved with the production side of the film industry–all those names you see  in the credits after the Clooneys and Pitts and Portmans have scrolled past? That’s where I hope to be: handling the logistics of the film and helping it all to come together. I’m also planning to specialize in Broadcast Journalism during my time in Norman; if a moving picture is involved, I’m all in.

Students in Gaylord are required to choose a minor outside of the college and, thanks to my GEF ties at the University, Spanish fits this role como un guante. Think about it: the opportunity to immerse myself in global cultures, learn to communicate effectively in another language and utilize my major to tell stories and share my experiences abroad with others? Sign me up.

Ultimately, that’s what I hope to do during my time as a Global Engagement Fellow: tell stories. I want to be able to write and photograph and share and immerse other people in what I’ve experienced. I want to use what I learn at OU and apply it to what I soak in abroad to create something that can be shared.

I can’t wait to get started.