“Crafts and Curries”

Tonight I headed over to the Honors College to participate in HSA’s “Crafts and Curries” nights. The student organization put together a night full of cuisine and culture as we spent our evening painting and sampling some (delicious) Indian foods.

I met Carson and Advika, both of whom are freshmen at OU like me. What we lacked in formal art experience, we made up for in gumption and shared love of musical theatre (I was wearing my Hamilton shirt) and our friendship was quickly forged in the fires of watercolor painting.

We were technically supposed to be recreating Monet’s famous Waterlilies, but–seeing as that was a bit ambitious for most of us–they turned us loose with the command “just go crazy”.  Finding artistic inspiration right here on campus, I decided to craft a bold, abstract representation of the Biz.


Half an hour into our endeavors, we took a break for some dinner. The HSA catered the event with some traditional Indian fare. I’m not terribly familiar with many different Indian dishes, but they were exceptional. Paneer tikka masala, naan, mint salsa and jasmine rice featured heavily in the meal.

Paneer tikka masala

Advika was especially helpful–having come from an Indian background, she was able to help us identify what salsas go where, give us a heads up on the spicy foods, etc. I gladly went back for seconds after finishing the first round.

“Crafts and Curries” served as  yet another example of the principle that Global Engagement has helped illustrate for me. Regardless of background, ethnicity or heritage, we can all come together over a night of art and fellowship.

Because, after all, aren’t we all just college kids looking for a good plate of naan bread?


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