Binging Binging with Babish

Quick plug for one of my favorite media producers right now.

Andrew Rea, better known by his online moniker “Oliver Babish”, is the founder of Binging with Babish–YouTube’s hottest culinary creation. Rea, a graduate of film school from Hofstra, creates the dishes made famous on the silver screen.

The strudel from Inglorious Basterds, the sauce from Goodfellas, even the Dothraki blood pies from Game of Thrones; there’s no recipe that Rea is afraid to tackle. In fact, he put over 30 kinds of meat into his “Everymeat Burrito” from Adventure Time (including rattlesnake and kangaroo) and gathered up actual blood, sweat and tears for Matilda‘s chocolate cake.

Though he’s a deft hand in the kitchen, Rea’s years of film industry experience are clear. His shots are clean and tastefully composed. His voiceover instructions are both easy to follow and laden with a droll sense of humor. He has a fabulous feel for pacing and his rapid editing is engaging without being overwhelming.

Babish doesn’t only hit the film foods though. Recently, he’s started to diversify his portfolio, covering stock kitchen procedures and recipes in the aptly named “Basics with Babish”. He’s extremely receptive to his fan base (now over two million subscribers strong) and he routinely live streams his endeavors in the kitchen so that blossoming chefs can cook alongside him.

I recommend Babish to all of my friends–I’ve even got his cookbook in my dorm room right now. Seriously, if you have a few minutes, check out the embedded episode where he prepares the titular burgers from Fox Network’s Bob’s Burgers. It’s an absolute treat, in every sense of the word.

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